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Joshua Francis

He is a Life Coach who is involved in High Performance Coaching for individuals and professionals applying Design Thinking concepts to solve complex problems and render innovative solutions.

He has expertise in diverse areas such as Data Privacy and Data Protection, Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management, Agile and SAFe Agile. He has trained 3500+ professionals in GDPR, Design Thinking, ISO 27K, CMMI, Emotional Intelligence, Body Language, etc.

He has 26 years of experience in the IT industry and has played major roles in Delivery, Quality, Stakeholder Management, Training, Auditing, Leadership Coaching and International Business.

Contact: joshaaron.aaron@gmail.com

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Loved your work cant wait for your next book.

- Parry

You have excelled in love story writing simply loved reading your work madam

- Deepti

Its an epic love story

- Sonali

Could take my hands of your book.

- Geetika

I would want to read more of your work

- Lavaniya

Loved your style of writing I felt connected.

- Grace

Please let me know as soon as you write your next book cant wait to pick one.

- Bhavana

I loved your style of writing it felt so real . .

- Bushra

There should be more rom - com authors like you. Everyone should read your work.

- Kritika

Bought your novel online and thats the best work I have read so far.

- Kanisha

Read your sample pages cant wait for my book to arrive.

- Kesha

A must read book for sure.

- Preet

Read your work online on Amazon it was worth my time. A very strong recommendation for everyone.

- Gagan

Dont stop writing what an amazing book. I must admit.

- Deeps

Hi Amrit
Read ur book
It's filled with love
Keep writing pure love stories must needed.

- Deepti Sikarwar‎

Loved reading your work its one of teh best love stories I have read so far

- Shracha Rajput‎

Heard a lot about your work and I must whatever is said so far is quiet true. Loved your work

- Kriya‎

Would love to see your work to be published into a movie it is worth it.

- Jane

Magnificent style of writing its the first of its kind rom com so far. Love Love

- Brone

Keep writing more love stories like this as its is a after a very long time some has written such beautiful story.

- Amina

Great job.

- Amesha


Love and Life

"Love is something you do, not something you feel.”

This book is an attempt to convert our shallow breathing to deep breathing which changes our perception a bit closer to reality.

Review about the book.

- Christie Eugene

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Design Your Life

This book will help you to successfully get control of the remote of your life step by step in 10 weeks. You should constantly enhance your perception and your intelligence.

Anyone can touch excellence if you know how.

- Priya

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Selfie with Jesus

No character stepping out on the platform of history can abide in the presence of the incomparable Christ—the most beloved of history, the Crown of the universe, the fulfilment of divine life, the Savior of the world.

Know the Scientific Christ and follow Him intimately

- Martin

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Data Privacy - What Next?

Data Privacy is of utmost concern for Individuals and organizations; this book helps you understand the various prevalent Data Privacy Laws across the globe and gives you a framework to implement Data Privacy and Information Security by Design.

Review about the book.

- Martin

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Lockdown 2020: How You Can Increase Your Resilience

Lockdown 2020 can provide you the necessary slowdown in life which you always wanted. This slowdown can be utilized to catch up on many things for which you had always given excuse as no time. Mankind has always come up with scientific innovations during the time of distress, war, or major pandemic. This is the right time for you to re-design your life the way you always wanted, especially to be resilient and bounce back through all challenges the world has to offer.

Review about the book.

- Martin


Uncut Diamond: Crafting Excellence

All of us are like uncut diamonds until a Guru or a Coach help identify our true talents, strengths, passions and genius in order for us to achieve our goals. This book will guide you to become a master coach.


Graphene Effect

The book Graphene Effect is inspired by the ideology of the remarkable ‘Graphene’ metal that is thin and light to transport at the same time strong and resilient enough to shield from the powerful force of a bullet. In your life journey, you can emulate the properties of Graphene metal in dealing effectively with challenges by being sharp as a sword and gracious as a dove and achieving excellence at the highest possible level.

Another inspiring read.

- Books Charming


Cast Iron Relationship

The analogy of the use and maintenance of the cast-iron range in contrast to non-stick range depicts that all relationships need to be understood and nurtured over a period of time; this may not be convenient but will be immensely useful to have a fulfilling and long lasting relationship.


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